Analysis of Writing Skills

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TOEFL writing section rewards simple yet structured writing. There are tips and points from Essaywanted academic writers to understand how the writing can be best addressed by analyzing what the section attempts to measure. The first thing to know is that the writing section is meant to measure the students comfort with English writing and as such the most important thing is to know the English language.

The following tips will help:

-Understand the topic-

–          Is it a descriptive topic or a definitive paragraph?

–          Use the correct words e.g. in a definitive paragraph use words like – Defined as, definition will be, was first coined by etc. A descriptive approach would need different words such as described to be, looks like, and so forth.

–          A classification paragraph will use words like- Belongs to, can be found in, and is grouped with, can be associated to and so forth.

–          In an essay if the topic is seeking your views, it is important to use the appropriate words such as “in support of, there is also an opinion or a view that… it is important to consider and so on In a compare and contrast style words like in contrast to, unlike, differs in, similar to but contrary to etc come in handy while explaining the point.

–          There are other kinds of essays such as evaluative essays, explanatory essays and factual essays etc. It is important to work on all kinds of styles and build a decent compendium of words to use while building the writing. The idea is for the examiner to be able to evaluate your ability to comprehend and deliver what is being asked.

Structure and organize

It is not just good enough to write a good piece, it is important to give it an introduction, body and conclusion.  The introduction introduces the topic and where you are going with it. The body helps build the main idea and the thoughts. The essay should then come with supportive paragraphs, depending on the word length there could be 2-3 supportive paragraphs ending with one final summary paragraph just short of a two to three line conclusion that would end the essay. The conclusion should restate the main idea and the views of the entire topic in just a couple of line but must be stated emphatically to create a strong impression on the reader.

Write to excel It is important to be grammatically correct in the writing section. The section provides an opportunity to demonstrate comfort with sentence structure, simple and complex sentences, vocabulary and expression.

It is not always important to know everything about the topic as most topics are general and easy to write on. Comfort with spoken language is an advantage but it is important to know that TOEFL is an academic standard and they test on academic English. Thus, the difference is marks occur due to lack of analysis of what makes a good piece of writing. Once that is known, attempting the writing section in the TOEFL exam becomes easy.