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TOEFL writing section rewards simple yet structured writing. There are tips and points from Essaywanted academic writers to understand how the writing can be best addressed by analyzing what the section attempts to measure. The first thing to know is that the writing section is meant to measure the students comfort with English writing and as such the most important thing is to know the English language.

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The writing section of the TOEFL is the most important component in the overall TOEFL score but most importantly, the scores of this section independently hold more weight age for some universities. The students need to spend more time in preparing for the writing section of the exam. A clear strategy for doing well in the writing section should constitute the following:

–Know the language- It is important to know the English language.

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The TOEFL IBT speaking section is the third and the shortest section of only 20 minutes. The first two sections take about 2 hours. This section is divided into two parts, ie, two independent tasks and four integrated tasks. All responses are transmitted through a headphone to an online scoring network system.
The TOEFL speaking section measures the test takers ability to speak effectively in academic environment.

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Amongst all the four sections in TOEFL, the writing skills are perhaps the most important. It consists of two parts, ie the integrated writing task and the independent writing task. This section lasts for about 50 minutes. There are numerous guide books and preparatory programs which prepare a candidate for the tests.

The integrated writing task and is structured in the following manner which takes about 25 minutes:
• Reading a passage : 3 minutes
• Listening to a related topic: 2 minutes and
• Writing an essay : 20 minutes

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Well, we all know that preparing for the TOEFL can be quite a hassle especially when you have so many errands to run and so much work to do in general. However, a fact is a fact and you cannot deny that this test is absolutely imperative in shaping your future. In today’s world, English has become a global language and you cannot deny that learning how to use it to your advantage most definitely has its perks and benefits.

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