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Are you interested in knowing and conquering the Test of English for Foreign Students, more popularly known as TOEFL? Well you can now find extensive information, sample tests, registration bulletins and test scores related to this international examination in an electronic and efficient way. With the advent of helpful websites committed to prepare you for this exam, you can now familiarize yourself with TOEFL, seamlessly.

The Educational Testing service (ETS) administers the TOEFL, which is a structured exam designed to evaluate your reading, writing, speaking and listening skills, pertaining to
Standard American English. Depending on the location of your center, it may be paper based or internet based (iBT). The TOEFL that is internet based is gaining more popularity and students ought to be geared for this four hour exam.

Whether you wish to take tuition or prepare independently, you can attempt countless quizzes, grammar drills and vocabulary exercises to refresh your concepts and tighten your clasp on the English language. You can either purchase preparatory material online or access free sample tests to gain insights. Most online activities include multiple-choice questions that may be checked automatically, in a snap. You can read passages online, respond actively, watch video tutorials and get quick tips to improve your scores. If your exam is computer based then online practice will help you get accustomed to using the keyboard and screen when demonstrating your linguistic skills. Many test centers now have their own websites to inform you about the range, cost and location of the services that they provide. They even offer online portals to allow you access exclusive training content. While there are multitude online centers available to assist you, make sure you approach the ones that are certified by ETS.

Besides indulging in the preparatory activities online, you can also complete your registration process digitally. You can get complete guidelines regarding the step-by-step process of enrollment, forms and policies, and identification requirements on any of the ETS certified sites. When you enlist online, you will be assigned a personal user name and password to access test-related information. Registering online is easy, simple and possible round the clock, as long as it is done before the registration period concludes. You can view the possible test centers and test dates in your area to reserve your seat. It is important to fill out the spaces vigilantly and accurately as some of it will be appearing on your text ticket and score sheet; your name, birth, contact information and any other personal data that is inserted needs to match with the data on your ID document.

The online system may offer you various means of payment, depending on your location. You can use e-checks if you have an account in the United States, purchase TOEFL vouchers in local currency or simply pay via a Credit or Debit card. Besides, you will also be guided regarding the cancellation and refund policies. All your personal information and payment details are recorded virtually and you can access them at any time. Besides allowing you to print your test ticket, your online profile also enables you to check your test scores as soon as they are released.

Thus, with online help, you can complete the registration procedure and preparatory process easily and conveniently. So start clicking to know your TOEFL better!