Preparation for writing section of the TOEFL

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The writing section of the TOEFL is the most important component in the overall TOEFL score but most importantly, the scores of this section independently hold more weight age for some universities. The students need to spend more time in preparing for the writing section of the exam. A clear strategy for doing well in the writing section should constitute the following:

Know the language- It is important to know the English language. The grammar and the vocabulary both help in the writing section. It is also nice to familiarize with academic usage of English and as such reading journals, encyclopedias, college reports, magazines and academic papers is always helpful.

Become a good writer– To be able to write well, it is important to be able to think creatively and also to retain information. The precursor to being a good writer is to be a good reader. Reading newspapers and magazines and journals helps in ensuring sentence structures are understood well. While reading, it is good to take notes in small bullets. This skill helps in preparing an outline for the exam topic in a few minutes and thus helps save time.  Subscribing to a well written blog and listening to news casts on the radios help in building language skills that can serve well during the writing section of the exam.

Practice Writing: It is important to keep practicing for the writing section of the exam. Attempting to write in different forms and genres such as descriptive, reflective, debate, suggestive etc is all helpful. All this different kind of writing helps to condition the mind to process information differently and thus helps create a better structure for the essay.

Organize the section:  It is important to stick to the word limit and also to structure the essay in a clear introduction, body and conclusion style. The essay should address the topic provided and it should stay clear of redundancy in language and words. The key thing to remember is to avoid repetition of thoughts and words as far as possible. The simple rule to remember is to stay clear and concise in the flow of the essay.


Edit- Check the writing section for grammatical errors, for spellings and for the basic reality check of having addressed the topic in the best possible manner.


Leave an impression– It is important for your writing to stand out and leave an impression on the reader. Even simple language and content can impress the reader if it avoids digression and does the job of addressing what is asked. Good words and nice vocabulary and idioms and quotations all help but only when used in the write context and are grammatically appropriate.

Finally, relax and stay calm while attempting the writing section as a good preparation will help in a good plan and exemplary execution at the exam only when the mind is relaxed.