Should students go for TOEFL or IELTS?

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What with the prices of education soaring through the skies, one must keep all plans solidified till the very end. The meaning of that sentence would be that everything must go according to a master plan in order to avoid any wastages of money. Second thoughts and ruling over previous judgments is absolutely lethal and you cannot miss out on anything when planning an education. So, when you’re applying abroad, what should you choose in an English test that will help you get through college or graduate school? Well, both tests focus on your ability to gauge English as a foreign language and therefore, they both determine your eligibility to go abroad.

Whether your college requires it or the embassy you’re applying to, either way, you have to take one of these tests to prove you’re capable of understanding and communicating in English. However, the question here is: which one do you choose if you’re a student? Well, the answer is quite simple considering that this particular testing service is recognized worldwide for its services. Yes, it is indeed the TOEFL: The Test of English as a Foreign Language.

This test is perhaps the easiest to prepare for and you can take the scores of this test to most places and they will be accepted as opposed to IELTS (International English Language Testing System) which is only accepted by a number of countries and colleges. Therefore, when making a decision regarding the English testing service to use, remember that you will need something that will help you in all walks of life, even after you’ve graduated from school. This being said, you must also remember that the TOEFL is much cheaper than the IELTS and therefore, much more accessible.

Most people go with the IELTS because they feel that the British Council is more so recognized than the ETS, but what they are forgetting is that IELTS’ preparatory classes are not as helpful in general as the TOEFL classes and they not help you get along much further in your quest towards understanding and mastering the English Language. Moreover, you can find one too many reviews about the TOEFL online and they will all clearly state that is test is much more accessible that the IELTS or any other international test they’ve ever taken. Of course, TOEFL preparation and TOEFL tutoring are also factors to be considered when deciding which services to take up. You will see for a fact that its preparation, while quite easy to understand, is also very helpful in the long run. The techniques that you learn will last you a lifetime and you can very easily see that you can use the results of this testing service anywhere in the world. Of course, when comparing IELTS tutoring and TOEFL tutoring, you will see that the latter is much more affordable by the common layman and at times, even tuitions are not needed to understand the common basics. The fact of the matter is that no matter where you go, or who you talk to, you will always be told that TOEFL is definitely better for you than IELTS when on the road to pursuing a promising academic career.