TOEFL – your ticket to education and work overseas

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Do you wish to gain foreign exposure? If you are a student searching for an opportunity to build intercultural proficiency, awareness of the transnational community and a feeling of global citizenship, then you have probably considered international education as the means to start this exciting journey. On the other hand, if you are a worker looking for better economic opportunities, modern lifestyle and more wide ranging job prospects, then you have probably considered living and earning income overseas. However, along with your plans to go abroad, you are compelled to meet certain eligibility requirements. One such requirement is the TOEFL Test. It is a linguistic test to assess and improve your skills and fluency in the English language.

English is today’s global language that dominates the global politics, entertainment, workplaces, education and countless other spheres. The Test of English as a Foreign Language or TOEFL is one such medium to evaluate your adeptness in college-level American English. It is an instrument to check whether you can express yourself and comprehend others using the language in written and verbal form. It is generally considered to be very simple and easy. It is no wonder that academies, business organizations and other establishments in over 130 countries accept TOEFL scores.

You may re-take the tests is it doesn’t satisfy you because it helps English-language learners to not only evaluate but also improve their dialectal skills. It is of extreme importance when applying for scholarships overseas or attaining visas for the United States or Canada. In most cases, it can even help fulfill your visa requirements when applying to Australia and the UK. The cost of the test may vary, depending on your country and place of examination, but it is usually US$ 150 and above. For your convenience, you can also approach the relevant registration offices in your countries for any queries.

Walk-in registration at the test center is not allowed and hence you need to enroll yourself, well before the exam, either via a website, mail, phone or resource center. Online registration for this practical test is convenient because of the 24/7 access and all the necessary information, forms and procedures are available on the internet to assist you. After entering your personal information you can pay your registration fee via a secure channel via credit cards or e-checks. Alternatively, you can buy TOEFL vouchers for ease. By registering online, you will have access to your profile that will allow you to remain updated with any development, schedules and test status. You will be able to print test ticket and check your scores online. Even if you wish to cancel or reschedule your test, you can do that with the convenience of this online help.
Thus if you are looking for a better and brighter future, TOEFL is an excellent way to get started. You can explore and discover innumerable opportunities once you fulfill this international requirement.