Want to prepare for TOEFL without worry? Here are some ways to practice and prepare.

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Try to establish your own goals. Make a study plan and try to slice out a particular amount of time that you will spend for the TOEFL preparation. Be specific and plan the task that is achievable in a particular day. Do not plan on doing too many practice tests in one go because you will not end up achieving a lot- preparation is all about learning the technique.
Acquaint yourself with the TOEFL format. The more you know about its requirement, style, and procedures, the better. Sample tests can give you an impression of the kind of material that will be examined. Moreover, try interacting with people who have already taken the English test; they can offer you insightful techniques and tips that you may not find elsewhere. A helpful friend or teacher can not only guide you but also motivate you to give of your best shot!

Learners preparing for a TOEFL exam can use numerous resources free from various online resources or purchasing helpful notes and past papers in print or on web. If you are taking a paid tuition for TOEFL, your instructor will provide you with substantial worksheets and questions. However if you are preparing independently, you ought to grab a textbook that is filled with quizzes, drills and lists to jog your memory regarding grammar rules, lexis and vocabulary. Questions with explanatory solutions can save a lot of time in case of autonomous preparation. You can also hunt for free tests online to supplement your available content.

There are four sections of reading, writing, speaking and listening The actual TOEFL can be paper-based, or internet based (iBT) which comparatively new and more popular. The new test takes about four hours to complete. All the four components need to be completed in one day and thus attempting the TOEFL requires a lot of energy and stamina. Make sure you are prepared for this. Start off with brief study sessions but stretch your practice work for four hours so that your brain gets accustomed. If you are going for the iBT then you ought to be comfortable with a QWERTY keyboard as well. You should be extremely alert when listening, reading and responding to questions. Also, be prepared to take notes in order to keep track of major points. It is helpful to absorb some academic vocabulary by going through articles, textbooks, modern films and documentaries. While practicing your reading and writing skills, do not undermine the importance of your speaking abilities for the exam. Make sure your pronunciations are correct even if you are using basic and simple vocabulary. Whatever you say, make sure you say it correctly.

If you are giving your TOEFL exam in near future, practice a lot. Every exam is easy if you are well prepared and confident. Do not get nervous or stressed out because that is the worst thing you can do to yourself. Make sure that you are prepared to take the whole examination when you register. Be calm, work hard, stay positive and give your best shot.