Why TOEFL Makes the Difference

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TOEFL or the Test Of English as a Foreign Language is a test that measures an individual’s proficiency in English. It is administered by the Educational Testing Service. It was initiated to test an individual’s hold over the language before he or she is allowed to study in American Universities. The score obtained is however valid only for two years.

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Once you have passed TOEFL you have an option of 8500 colleges, agencies and institutions where you can carry forward your studies. Apart from colleges, other areas where your TOEFL scores are essential are immigration departments and medical and licensing agencies. The immigration office requires this score to give work and residential visas. So after you have successfully passed the test, you can apply for the visa to go to the country where you wish to study.


In Australia, the TOEFL is used to measure the language competency of the student during the process of visa application. In UK, English proficiency for Tier 1, 2 and 3 is judged on the basis of TOEFL score. Since the test is based on only academic questions, most of the colleges prefer TOEFL than other English tests to select students for admission. Further, TOEFL accurately measures your speaking abilities as it is recorded and evaluated later by more than three experts.


Since TOEFL is a reputed test, achieving high scores in it makes you acceptable in any institution in the world that you apply for. So, once you have passed this test you just don’t have to hesitate. Just go ahead and apply for any reputed college in Canada, USA,UK or Australia.